You and the world can discover each other.

  • Remada da Lua Cheia

  • Eleve-se - 1ª edição

  • Se Toca Vai Nessa

  • Vai Nessa para Empresas

You and the world can discover each other.

We are a bridge between you and a world (still) unknown.

We want to take you to where you want to go through travels and experiences. With partnership, friendship, and the joy of sharing, we propose tourism based on experiences.

Everything we do is guided by the company’s three pillars: Experience, Self-knowledge, and Transformation.


We believe that individual experiences can change the world. Both inside and out. Your world and the whole world.

Devaraj Dhakal is our vertex in Nepal. He began to use trekking as a tourism tool in 1998. In 2002, he became licensed as a professional guide. Over the years, he has led groups and teams from all over the world through various places in Nepal. Based on the realization of his life purpose, he opened his own company: Trek Mania Nepal.

He and his team will guide us through this region.