We are Vai Nessa

Cultural exchange, immersion, depth, and authenticity are at the heart of our trips and experiences.
We step outside the box and offer you the opportunity to experiment new sensations and be exposed to different worlds.

Sacred spaces are our calling, whether places that hold ancient wisdom, or places within ourselves that we have not accessed and that serve as portals to a new consciousness. We throw ourselves into the unknown conscientiously and respectfully. And in this journey of surrender and trust, we count on the unequal work of our carefully chosen vertexes.


How it works





Experiences may include trekking, ecotourism, photography, cooking classes with an Asian chef, volunteer work, and other activities.

Nossa equipe
Nossos Vértices
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Nobody ever does anything alone and we were lucky to be surrounded by extremely competent and sensitive people. People who were and are essential to the realization of Vai Nessa. The co-founder of Vai Nessa, Daniele Farias, with her sensitivity, knowledge, creativity and emotion threw her magic dust on the creation of the concept, philosophy, and guidelines of the company. In the initial ideas and suggestions, we had the creative help of Ana Cristina Costa e Silva and Dharma Filmes; Avocado Design and their dear team participated in the process of essential brand development and visual identity; and Barlavento’s competence helped with our financial structuring. In accounting, we would like to thank the professionalism of Noronha Contabilidade. The website was developed through the masterful hands of Bernardo Prates and Juliana Ciarlini. Finally, Akemi Akaoka, Giovani Mariani and Júlia Dalóia make up and enhance our communications and virtual media team.

Who is with us!